Friday, 25 February 2011

tropical rain

There's something enervating about tropical rain. We're sat on the balcony of our cottage at Dauin on the est coast of Negros watching the rain drip from the thatch. Yes, sunshine is always welcome for us from northern climes but the Philippines wouldn't be so green and lush without it. Difficult stuff to photograph, rain. I've just resolved to make that a theme for a despatch sometime. This morning we biked inland up the slopes of the volcano Mount Guidabon to Casaroro Falls. This cascade is deep in a valley of dripping and soggy jungle vegetation; well it makes a change from the beach. Wendy was her in her element, she's into rainforests, and I had fun with the falls and macro shots of rain drips. Extension rings are such handy things to have lurking in the Lowepro. We're into our last week here and I'm working my way through a checklist of shots still to do. In a weeks time I'll be preparing for the delights of the NEC in Birmingham for Focus on Imaging. I'll not dewll on that too much just yet.

Tread Boldly