Tuesday, 1 March 2011

how many?

The ubiquitous form of travel you see everywhere in the Philippines is the tricycle; a motorbike with a lid on and rigged up to take passengers. How many Filipinos can you get on a tricycle? By the evidence of our eyes and this picture 15, which must make them one of the most efficient forms of transport in the world. I'm thinking of getting one to serve as our wheels when we run our photography workshops; we could get all our guests plus us tutors and a few partners for one course on one tricycle with plenty of space for the camera bags and tripods on the roof. What do you reckon? Health & Safety? Pah!

We're nearing the end of the trip, it's been a good one. Despite tropical storms in the South China Sea over the last week we've seen a definitive slice of the Philippines and topped up the tan. Finishing on Negros worked well. Now; Manila will be a shock after the laid back island scene.

Tread Boldly