Thursday, 17 February 2011

stitching by the pool

Well it's the first time I've done a panoramic stitch by the pool. Now I wouldn't advocate incorporating this method into your workflow, it was just too bright to see what I was doing, but I had a few idle moments of tropical langour so I thought I'd just try piecing together the 4 frame pano I shot when we stopped in Hong Kong en route here. I've been to Hong kong many times but this was the first time there wasn't a brand new skyscraper under construction right in the middle of the skyline. The light was quite good as well, for Hong Kong that is. Haze seems a perpetual factor in Victoria Harbour.  I've got to admit I'm chuffed with the result, so here it is. So does this mean I can now run the business poolside here in the Visayas?